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2016-10-08 RStatsNYC 2017: So You Want to be a Data Scientist? repo Slides video
2016-10-08 PyData DC 2016: Python useRs repo video
2016-09-14 PyData Carolinas 2016: Intro to Pandas repo video
2016-04-13 Data Intensive Biology Git Intermediate repo video
2016-04-06 Data Intensive Biology Git Intro repo video
2016-04-08 rstatsnyc 2016: data testing repo video
2015-07-09 scipy lightning talk: python properties repo
2015-07-09 scipy lightning talk: literate programming repo
2015-04-25 Interactive Ebola Plots at the NYC R Conference repo slides video
2015-04-15 Shiny Tutorial for Statistical Programming D.C. Meetup repo
2014-11-21 Open Science and Ebola for the Health Communication and Informatics Lab at the Department of Biomedical Informatics repo slides